Cruel femdom video clip WARNING: EXTREME CONTENT!

Empress Cruel TortureComesBeforeCastration

Now the devious mistress and the busty girl turn over to more severe cock and ball trrture by a electrical trrture device and a real castration tool! The mistress showing the poor candidate the beautiful big tits of the girl for a last time before he is going to be castrated. Then it’s getting serious for the slave. This castration device for cattle and horses is strictly forbidden nowadays to use for castration, because it would cause too much pain and suffering for animals. That is exactly the reason why she get it from a veterinarian. This is no playing! After 10 minutes with this device on the testicles, the balls are gone forever! Can you imagine that this cruel women even in this situation did not stop to whip the cock and deadly swollen balls!


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Club Empress Cruel

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